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FRATO is a Swiss association which fosters cultural and social activities around the globe, rewards entrepreneurial initiative by local communities and enables the connection between different and differing stakeholders. The association has an identifiable and independent decision making body which acts with high ethical standards and whose members are nominated in accordance with the established principles and procedures.

FRATO represents a paradigm shift of what an association can be and do. We are also a platform for other projects within the meaning of our statutes.
FRATO offers other associations to take on they're administrative issues, like book keeping and welcomes them to join our website with a direct link to the project.
We’ll act as your host, in exchange of an annual membership fee, of 50 Swiss Francs.


As an organization, FRATO believes in working collaboratively, it commits to equity and fairness and embraces diversity. The association promotes effective and prudent management as well as sustainable investment strategies, while ensuring the best use of resources for the public benefit.

The association communicates its goals and the results of its work in a comprehensive and digestible manner, holding transparency at the core of all activities.

“FRATO” is an association of public utility under Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. The association fosters cultural and social activities in an effective and sustainable way, by integrating and supporting local communities and by enhancing coordination and cooperation between the private and the public sector.

The association serves the public and does not serve commercial purposes, nor aim at profit or represent individual interests. The organs of the association work on a voluntary basis, only verifiable expenses are compensated. The association is politically neutral and independent regarding confession or religion. Member autonomy is in no way affected by the association. The association can join Swiss and international associations and conclude agreements with them.

Projects hosted by FRATO

Project Tbilisi

We support and help fundraise the renovation of the residency (2 rooms) and the garden, which specializes in healing plants and bushes, only found in Georgia, in an annex house next to the National Medicine Museum, being renovated in Tbilisi Georgia.
Learn more about the project

Project Harmanli

The primary purpose behind the Harmanli Project is to change the refugees’ everyday life – often characterized by a lack of pursuit due to the absence of any means – by providing them with space and material necessary for a dignified life.
Learn more about the project


Dominique Compagnon

Swiss French IT Specialist, Gastronomy, Finances, Tourism
Frances Belser

Artist and Project Coordinator

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